“ANOTHER CLASH OF CLANS?!” – Tiny Troopers Alliance – Introduction Let’s Play #1

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  1. seems like a fail boom beach lol

  2. I can’t get this game becuase my dad set restrictions on my iPad (even
    though I’m 13 he won’t unset it :()

  3. plunder pirates is way better then this

  4. You should play the normal Tiny Troopers! Its a fun game aswell

  5. The intro was JUST like boom beach

  6. Tried to download it but got an error saying “Its not available for my

    I got the latest version of iPod Touch (5th gen) :/

  7. You should try the game Kingdom Clash

  8. Wen i download it i see you playing it

  9. When is world zombination coming back 

  10. Can u please make more Star Wars?

  11. Don’t get started nick. It sucks!!!!!!

  12. Goatees are pure EEEVVVVIIIILLLL

  13. Hi nickatnyte!
    I love your vids too much.I want to ask you can you play Age of
    Empires:Castle Siege.Unfortunately it is only for Windows OS.But if you got
    a Windows 8 computer you can play it.Please answer to me!

  14. There were games like clash before it came out

  15. 1st

  16. Try modern command

  17. 3rd

  18. first!

  19. It won’t let me load the game up 

  20. Need an alliance. Nick alliance full already 

  21. I’m getting this game just to disrespect

  22. Join IRON RANGERS we growing and limited places left!!!!!

  23. Nick I played game Castle Clash and you should try.

  24. Nick I posted that you should play Second Earth on your stream, but you
    didnt see that it was an iOS game, not PC.