ARRANGED WARS! Clash of Clans UPDATE Plans!

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  1. I would be VERY VERY WELL challenges Guild Wars, for some channels they like to tournaments CoC will serve them much more, look forward to Supercell implement it in the new update

  2. This is great! Who cares if there are awards or not – I don't care about normal clan war rewards anymore anyway.

  3. my only issue is most likely you tubers clan chat will just explode with war requests…possibly

  4. Does it actually counts toward your war log or is just friendly battles and nothing actually counts, just for practice and fun

  5. another boring update

  6. Those loons are so funny going after miners xD they got confused time and time again!

  7. Thanks a lot Galadon for Keeping us updated :)

  8. If arranged Wars can not be done at the same time as the regular and they would have to have some type of reward system in place.

  9. New card idea.Rock rain or Rock storm. Same range as arrows Same damage as fire ball

  10. I like it

  11. can you PLEASE tell them to send me 500 free gems my name in joel the boo Thank you Enjoy your day

  12. if there aren't rewards then it won't last very long. It will fizzle out like Friendly Challenges.

  13. Southeast much double mouth account.

  14. The gala news room is pretty annoying not gonna lie /:


  16. Instead of three star win, Don't you mean five star win? ??

  17. here are ideas, pass them around if you like them:
    1. make troop composition plans like the plans for base designs but this time for troop compositions so we would just have to click on them instead of repeatedly making them manually

    2. nerf bowlers, miners and atleast reduce valks dmg to the walls, they all spam now and don't use strategies it ruins the game

    3. spend an amount of dark elixir for using heroes that are upgrading to attack in wars

    4. able to use elixir on walls earlier than th9, like atleast on th7

    5. nerf inferno tower damage on hogs, they are the only ones that are stopping people from using hogs, hog placement needs strategy though and will be less of a spam than those bowlers or miners

    6.increase minion range but also their cost, no one uses minions anymore

    7. make dragons fly a bit faster, no one is using dragons still cause they are so slow i mean how can a dragon be as slow as a baloon, it won't be overpowered if you per say make the archer towers do 2x their damage to dragons

  18. Arranged war should be like friendly challenge where you don't get reward and you don't really expend troops

  19. First attack…..Lost Phoenix

  20. Cool as You Like?

  21. bring the healer back the way it was

  22. 1. The Troop Slots:
    They should make 3 slots for troop army's like the 3 slots on bases/warbases. this army troop slots could be more usefull so we don't have to tap everything over and over again. especially for the farming Clashers.
    2. Clash Night:
    Clash of Clans at night. where you can turn the day to night or to noon. And then all the lights of barracks etc. would be on ?
    4. War Prep day needs (in my opinion) to be shorter, not 24 hours but like 12 hours.
    5. New Level of Clans. something like 20?
    6.War wins:
    every 100th warwin will have a bonus something all clanmembers who did war get a fully maxed out ClanCastle bonus.
    idea's? leave them in the comments ??

  23. 1. This is a concession to the YouTube crowd. Most clans don't know any other clans to challenge….let alone somebody close to their skill level. The upper crust YouTubers just want to challenge each other. Call a spade a spade.

    2. Everyone else will use this feature mostly for REMATCHES of closely won or lost matchmade wars. Yay…..rematches….If clans remove themselves from matchmaking in order to play rematches, it'll make matchmaking wait times go from bad to worse, and will result in even worse matchups than currently seen.

    Final word: Good for YouTubers. Mostly bad for everyone else.

  24. The dev team is dumb. Durp