Arranged Wars REALLY Coming to Clash?

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  1. i think its gonna be a good idea if for example i send a req for war to another clan and actually the system counts and recognise the base level and amount of different level THs, so when the other clan accepts to pop-up a windows where they can only accept the correct amount of level TH. for example i send a war with 4 th10s and 4 th9s and 2 th8s. so the other clan only can choose the right amount of bases too. so there won't be troll accept crap with wars like x10 TH10 against x10 TH9s. so the only think thats left is either choose friends with shitty rushed bases or do serious war and takes ur best buddies bases, but no troll difference in town hall levels…

  2. maybe in some years the game would be a competitive one, like in the CLASHCON but with better things, no OP troops and better war clans participating… its kind my dream lol

  3. Plus it's pretty much worthless because you take away one of the only reasons people still play coc, for friendly war

  4. It should count as a win, no loot, therefore there's no point on wastin troops and time on something that will not count

  5. it will be really cool if such an update comes

  6. You get no loot. You get no clan XP. Therefore it is NOT arranged wars.

  7. I wish you could still do both

  8. My thoughts on not being able to do it during war is so u can do practice attacks

  9. week ago 10 k subs
    now almost 11k…Grats!

  10. I don't think if 1 hour each for preparation and battle day will work, especially in high-level war clan such as yours. because high-level war clan usually has members from all over the world. and if the war is only an hour, I don't think if a group of people wants to wake up at 2 am just for do their war attacks. what do you think bisectatron?

  11. #bringbackjake

  12. How would weights work? Could one clan see the weights and roster of the other clan? Could one clan have completely skewed weights comapred to the other?

  13. Should be fun.

  14. All the leaders in my clan who do our arranged wars really like doing the roosters. They say it's an 'art'

  15. WAY BACK IN THE DAY… I played TFC . We clashed in a different way, we had IRC, and icq. IT was a social community, OGL , STA , and other leagues, I Like the idea of a scrimmage between clans/guilds

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