ATTACKING 3D BASE! – Clash of Clans – EPIC Maxed Base 3 Star + More! Pushing to Top 200 #4

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  1. 3d base at 11:07 np

  2. CQOTD: Are u going to college since u graduated from high school?

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  4. The 1million gold raid…. What was the language it was in?? Was it a different account?

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  7. if MYSTIC7 reply to me i will love him forever.

  8. I found your base

  9. Why does he have another language on coc

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  12. pls upload more coc

  13. big fan

  14. It my bday

  15. can i join your clan :3


  17. How do you 3star a max th11 but you fail on a shitty base

  18. I got a first ever…… first ever mystlc7 plays video in forever….

  19. Mystic CQOTD: What was your fav th level and why?

  20. cqotd:Can u do a live stream??

  21. cqftd: why didn't you use your main channel for coc its what you got 1 mill subs on and you went eith FUCKING POKEMAMAN GO

  22. what is your thoughts on adding a ice wizard or something like that to slow down shit and hero or troop #QQOTD i think thats wrong

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  28. why tf is it a different language at 8:47

  29. Cqotd: Do you think it would be cool if they added a Giant Skeleton as a new hero, and when it dies it drops a giant bomb. And to make things even out you can then only use three Hero's of your choice per raid? P.S Great videos

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  38. CQOTD:does supercell suck and need to get there shit together?

  39. join SmashUnit lv11 clan just for a war or day please

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  41. #NewShitInCoC
    Make CoC great again

  42. max your walls fag

  43. Yes!!! Coc

  44. Hoi

  45. Hi mystic it would make my day if you responded.✌️?

  46. CQOTD what do you do when you are searching for an attack