Baby Dragons DO WORK! – Let’s Play TH9 Ep.21 – Clash of Clans – TH9 Farming

  1. الي عربي يدوس لايك

  2. graet video man! much love!

  3. Hey try barch

  4. You're the best man seriously 😉

  5. You're a clash of clans legend man!…

  6. Next stream ??


  8. Someone talk lol u can't u fucker I'm top guy on clash yo lol

  9. Best YouTuber!
    Lvl 1 baby dragon and lvl 2 not really matter
    But rarely it will be a clutch
    I recommend to upgrade babydragon as a priorty
    Its so helpful in every attack
    Clean up and funnel etc
    Upload more th11 farming!!

  10. Wait is this the same lets play th9?? XD

  11. Oh my gosh they doooooo work! Who would've guessed XD

  12. Lol now I'm 1st

  13. Great video!

  14. Niceeeeeee farm

  15. LOL, I just battled with u in CR, I am Nova I Several

  16. Dude you suck


  18. Hey Rocky where is zero to hero episode I'm waiting for it.

  19. Bro I'm a big fan of you Rocky bro me you inspired me of going to Titan league as town hall 8 if I go I will surely go

  20. 1st