Beer Run #10 (Tim and KB) | Clash of Clans

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  1. I take in 5 hogs for the back end instead of a couple valks and a healer or the second Pekka dropped for 5 hogs, works great for me

  2. wooooo ahh skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet

  3. @Brutal Raids could u do a video on your journey to Onehive, recently submitted application and was denied no feedback on why but stated basically don't reply that there want be a response to why as they have thousands of applicants. So basically was u accepted your first try? Do u basically have to know someone on inside? If not from known utube clan are u screwed? How many clans does onehive have now? (Im sure they have test clans setup) along with prime. Does website need updated are they really not looking for th9's? Think it would be nice video as im sure alot would be interested to know. (Instead of just an email that says sorry no, and then nothing for clasher to know) This would obviously be for good accounts, that accept all requirements listed on website. Thanks for advice

  4. thx for sharing

  5. 20 secs ago lol