Being a new Town Hall 8.5 and Town Hall 9.5 What to Upgrade and When to Move On in Clash of Clans

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  1. I don't think i heard of the walls, unless I'm deaf. I'm going to th 9.5 in 12 days when th is finished upgrading. So I can't build the new walls? Or will the extra add a big weight as well

  2. Jake is it ok to buy your new walls at the start and get them up?

  3. so should you build the new walls available when you upgrade to th9?

  4. Gonna be a th9 in a few days, been looking through few videos about 8.5: upgrading offense (camps, cc, lab etc.) is the Same Ofc but some people say: get all th9 defenses and upgrade them to th8 Max lvl or Dont get them at all and just Upgrade your existing defenses to th9 lvl?! What is Right? When i first Start out as th9 can i dump gold into Walls so i get lvl9 Walls?

  5. I have aq lv21 king lv22. Max lavas Should I go to 9.5? Or wait 6months for heroes.

  6. hey jake. i need u to reply my questions, is it ok to upgrade my th to 9 now?, since i only have few to upgrade. goblin/healer/minnion lvl3/lightning spell, and x135 walls lvl7, or wait until all r maxed at th8?

  7. Could you keep your weight down in war by having all the defenses on your farming base but not adding them to your war base? 

  8. I went through th8.5 route as well months ago but it seemed that I made a mistake. I built the new tesla and mistakenly put it in my war base. No xbows, new archer and wizard towers though. Is it much of a big deal that I put the new tesla taking the 8.5 way? Am I still considered as a th  8.5? Thanks for your time.

  9. Hey, great video that really reaffirmed the th 8.5 im working away at. The one thing i did differently is to build the new tesla and upgrade all of them up to level 7. The reason is along the same thinking as the traps, if they cant see it they don't expect it and it really does trip people up. Also maybe mention that working on the extra storages and de pumps raises their hp which can be helpful in slowing down attacks. Thanks for the interesting video!

  10. Can I build the new storages? Can I upgrade my new traps to th8 level and can I upgrade my de drills ? Thanks! :)

  11. Is it worth it for a TH8.5 to get all the new defences but the xboxws and upgrade them to max TH8 level. Would that do any great damage to your war weight?

  12. I found a nice spreadsheet in supercell forums that shows some weight on structures.  What I decided after being 9.5 for a bit (with max traps) and getting troops pretty max that I wanted to start easing into full 10.  After studying building weights, there is not much penalty for upgrading teslas, Archer Towers, Cannons and ADs to max.  While I finish heroes I will put my gold to these buildings and when those max, then I will drop the infernos, xbow and upgrade wiz towers and mortars.

    Roughly I can upgrade 2 archers or 2 cannons to level 13 for the same weight as 1 wiz tower or 1 mortar.  Therefore, the smartest way to upgrade for war is to upgrade all cannons, archers and ADs to complete max before touching wiz towers, mortars and finally IT and Xbow.

    With change to wall weights, I am just hanging with lego walls.

    Same holds true for 8.5 on Wiz tower and mortars, very high weighting.


  13. could you do a video on good base layouts for 8.5 and 9.5. where to put extra traps, walls and stuff

  14. Great video Jake, I got nostalgic with the Christmas Theme tho but soon we will get our 2015/2016 Theme. Best regards

  15. Dou get a mail if u get rejected or invited,still didnt got a mail,send my request 2 days ago

  16. Can I build the next set of walls but keep them low level? 

  17. Build new walls or no?

  18. +OneHive Raids at th 8.5 should I upgrade walls to lvl 8 or keep upgrading defenses?

  19. i still blur about th8.5… now i reach th9 in making th8.5.. currently upgrade witch to max.. the thing i wanna ask is what shud i not to do when become th8.5..can u make  list what shud we and shud not do when at th8.5

  20. Is it a big deal if you only go for 2 stars on a good th10? I understand you want to 3 star every th9, but im wondering if its possible to consistently 3 star a good th10? (Mid to high level th10 defenses, max infernos and xbows, heroes lvl 25+)