Best BASE TH5 HYBRID/TROPHY[defense] Base 2018!! Town Hall 5 Hybrid Base Design – Clash of Clans

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  1. Thx for the vid I just upgraded to town hall 5

  2. pls upload videos in more defence base

  3. Thx nice base

  4. You have 4 builders🤔🤔

  5. Want to copy layout

  6. Nice Video Man But I Just Wanted To Know That Whats COC Player ID

  7. Good 👍

  8. I only ever get attacked by loons…what base should i use to defend against them…its so unfair they use 30 ballons amd heal spells

  9. when will bases like these not get destroyed by pro players i just want to win atleast 1 defense 0

  10. I didnt even join your clan i went back and forth through youtube and coc and did a 100% replica

  11. What’s your clan

  12. when you get the new base but get destroyed by th6's FeelsBadMan

  13. Hey bro I liked it so much u impressed me again plz accept me being ur no.1 fan and also I didn't want to comment until my little brother try this base he's now so good he subbed to u keep up bro and have fun also my brother loves u so much

  14. Nice video and Can i join ur clan i have 900 trophies

    Edit: I also subbed turned notifications on and liked the video 😉

  15. Hey I have now 1200 trophies but your clan member negative space banned me from joining your clan by the way I am your friend in clash of clan my name in clash of clan is M.UmerQazi

  16. You are best youtuber clash of clans😊

  17. What if i only have 3 builders? What do I do

  18. Can you tell the name of your clan

  19. Nice base

  20. Sorry bro i didn't watch your video that's why i wasn't able to join. And now i quite coc. Anyway, plz give me your clan ID i will join of i will back to coc.

  21. Dark barbarian check out my latest video its for you

  22. Can you make a th3 hybrid for my lil cousin he just started the game

  23. wow nice base

  24. How do u make such good bases teach me the way of making good bases

  25. what is hybrid base? any explanation?

  26. is this good to save my trophies?

  27. Hi bro. I was wondering if I could join your clan? I finally found it and god damn it is good! Please…?❤️❤️❤️

  28. HELLO

  29. nice video best base for th 5

  30. nice video sz

  31. I might try out this base layout and switch from the old one that I used back from your old videos

  32. How do i get more gems I want to get my 3rd builder and 1 have 72 gems and 1021 trophies

  33. th5 noobies xd nice vid❤

  34. Thx I sent this base to my little beo

  35. Can you do something like this for th6

  36. Make a th 8

  37. base th 7 next vidio 👍

  38. I Want To Enter Your Clan
    But My Trophy Is 1154

  39. Make a war th6 base please

  40. U ARE THE BEST !!!

  41. Make a war th7 base please I need one thank u if u do

  42. Я 1