Best Builder Hall 5 Base / BH5 Builder Base w/ Replay! / CoC Anti 2 Star Base Layout | Clash of Clan

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  1. Guys just use ur builder hall 4 base and add walls and more defences if ur old base is working for u TAHTS what I did and I win every game but a few

  2. HEY!Did you use Cam's intro,
    Can't you do intro yourself

  3. I had this base layout with different replacement of traps and some buildings. Im using it and pushed me to 3200 from 2000. I reached 3000 trophy with bh4 troops and battle machine and after i got the 3000 i dropped to 2400 and when i got lvl 10 barb i reached 3200.
    I can upload the base with different replacement of traps and buildings if this get 50 likes.

  4. i love this base

  5. strong base

  6. song?

  7. oh and giant

  8. easy to attack dis base just use bomber, battle machine and barbs put the troops on top

  9. 3 bombers 6 archers 6 giants battle machine = 2 star (depends on how you play it)

  10. this base is bad ive tree starred it many times i use 10 barbs 6giants and 3 bombers

  11. ya tienen hasta la madre con esa basesita >:v nomas subo mis gigantes y barbaros al maximo y adios base de shit

  12. You cant 2star 70percent with bombers and barbarians

  13. nice base bro.

  14. This base is very easy to 3star with just barbs and bombers

  15. u are from which country?

  16. Ltteraly everyone knows hiw to 2 Star this base….

  17. Nice Bro U Are BEST! <33