Best Builder Hall 6 Base / BH6 Builder Base wReplay / COC Anti 3 Star Base Layout | Clash of Clans

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  1. This base is only for the new Builder Hall 6. Roaster is not present but you can put roster in place of archer tower as shown in video. Please send me some good bases on Gmail ( Gmail id: )

  2. wait..wait. no roster ?????? plz!!make one with roster

  3. the best best best….. base ever bro
    well done IM IMPRESSED Thanku

  4. thanks to give me this base….thanks a loot and I found this kind of bases….

  5. one man attack me max baby dragon and he got 1*60persent….really cool….I also win…

  6. song name plz?????? tell me the song name u have added.. than i will share ur video…. plz tell meeeew

  7. bro kalah ke

  8. game …………… fuck man

  9. the brutzler

  10. Well ya I guess that ok strategy

  11. I know to defeat it go to the left with wall breakers and right and put archers and barbs I mean the top right put a wall breaker because closest to the crusher the level four one you need a wall breaker on the left right to

  12. This is epic thank u so much just used it and the guy only got 33% it's like a little maze that messes with the poor ais tiny little mind fist bump

  13. Invite me in your clan

  14. Fg

  15. wow man that base looks freaking awesome gonna try it now ,nice video:)

  16. tip set youre archer tower down!!!

  17. Outstanding

  18. Bro nice base xd:D

  19. no baby dragon attacks??

  20. y el carbonizador

  21. Nice base, just star this base with win a battle 😀

  22. k

  23. Nice man, I watched you Speed-build that base…It looks really nice but sadly, I'm only a builder hall 4, so for now, I'm using your builder hall 4 base. Great content out of this channel, absolutely amazing! Thank you, good luck with the channel!