BEST TH10 3 STAR ATTACKS! – What attacks are working? – Clash of Clans – TH10 Triples

  1. Great attacks from the BA squad.

  2. I Love jor vidos

  3. Hey in discord you said that join 8.9 but it's full but now it is not full accept my req

  4. Th 8 Best war attack

  5. Please someone reply or read this, how do you get elixir and dark elixir fast in clash of clans by attacking I can only get about 1.5m elixir in an hour also this is for new th9s with lvl 5-10 heroes.

  6. This song is high key cringe ??

  7. bro what's the best strategy for th 8

  8. Zoom in man

  9. I was on the stream

  10. Your voice sounds squeaky is it or is that just me?

  11. I love coc and u bash nation


  13. I like your videos!

  14. nice video

  15. Hi Bash I found you other day thanks for helping me out

  16. Nice keep it up

  17. I love you

  18. Nice vid!!! ????

  19. Go on ur third account and make a vid on the war we are in rn

  20. Nice vid bashing

  21. Notification squad unite

  22. hi how's your day

  23. أول

  24. Good vid

  25. Early squad

  26. Hey bash