BEST TH10 vs TH11 ATTACKERS! Clash of Clans Attack Strategy at Town Hall 10 – Bowlers The Best Troop

  1. Nice clan badge

  2. Top job J.S ?.. can you show some of your live war attacks please ? Explaining your plan and troop choice etc. Would be good viewing and helpful. Thanks. Keep up the good work. Enjoy it ?

  3. loved it ??

  4. i like 10v11 attacks very smart…and also good idea how to attack..nice vids #Judo my bro..

  5. the th10 attackers is very proffesional

  6. Hey judo I'm th9 what should I upgrade first queen or my troops ,my lava and loons are upgraded

  7. Love your vids they have helped me so much

  8. you should join clan war so we can watch u attack

  9. nice

  10. 1st giew and like LOVE U SLOTH