BEST TH11 War Base/ CoC Base/ TH11 Trophy Base 2017/ Hybrid Layout + Defense Replays Legend 2017

  1. Please note: Use my current defense (Overall level) both my accounts as base guild to how this base will work for you. If you have lower level defenses or walls or hero`s or defenses upgrading it may decrease the performance of the base. If you chose to use this base (use it for few defenses before making your mind up about it) I am more then happy use it every time I go on defense @ 6100+ trophies.

  2. scorpion bro iam pushing my trophies rgt now iam 4800, i have used this base but it easily getting 2 stared.. so iam back with your troll base no:2 . it has never been 2 stared with any combination of troops.. plz make a base for me which will be tough to do even 1 star… thanks a lot for ur support.

  3. Using this base constanly 2s…weak againt everything ?

  4. I love attacking this base, easy high 2 star

  5. Thank you for helping world of clash get his channel back +1 sub

  6. QW?

  7. Could you please do best TH9 base without xbow

  8. ????

  9. Th11 farming base next plz?

  10. God### thank you so much ??

  11. Scorpion i have a suggestion. You should show defence log before you show attacks. Dont do it if you dont want to. If you do it will help alot. Thanks 🙂

  12. When Th 8,9 bases coming?

  13. Nice video

  14. TH 7 NOW

  15. Can you make a townhall 11 base with no eagle artillery

  16. Defense Clan Castle Used: 2 Witches + Baby.. Choice of Inferno`s set to multi or single (I did prefer 1 of each) Xbow`s set to Air. Shelton traps ground.

  17. Lemme try current trophy 5666.

    What is the best CC troops

  18. I'll love ur vids so much

  19. Speed build song: K391 Dream Of Something Sweet (one of my Favorite) songs ever!

  20. What Town Hall level are you & your current trophy count 🙂

  21. Lets see if we can get 500 likes on this video 🙂

  22. Top 5 funny fail video on this layout:

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