Best TH9 Attack Strategy Series – HOGS! 3 Golem GoBoHo – 3 Star Attacks in Clash of Clans

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  1. Very interesting video^^ keep it up! (I don't know why i don't get notifications when you upload vidoes)

  2. Hey judo the witchslap worked !! 🙂 with lev 26 n 25 heroes ! Got the right base to do it with all ads like a no fly zone ! thnx fr the vid !

  3. Awesome video! I must genuinely thank you for this video. Usually my clan doesn't war against clans with the type of anti 3 star bases your enemies often have, so now that we matched a clan with 2 th9.5s with very annoying anti 3 bases I checked around for good ways to hit 'em and found this. I had my friend who's our #2 in war watch it and I did too and he already 3 starred one of the th9.5s with it and he's just th9. Thanks a lot and we may not lose thanks to this awesome vid!

  4. I'm not sure if this one is a good strategy if the enemy base have a good design with the teslas inside the base; i think in that case there's no chance for our hog riders ???

  5. judo can u show us govaho strategy with the jump and eq spell its request plzz want guide for both the type attacks

  6. Good strategy discussion thx.

  7. K

  8. May U check out a witch attack I did on my channel? If not its cool, Great Attacks/Video ??

  9. Great Video??

  10. Nice video btw

  11. I'm a th7 do you have good attack strats for th7

  12. gg pro Attacks ?

  13. #Nees clan …… #Judo