BEST TH9 WAR BASE! Anti 3 Star | Clash of Clans

  1. Hey Klaus make a video on how to 3 star this base….

    Seriously Don't judge me..XD

  2. Does it.protect from lava loon

  3. I love your vids! You think very smart and is very strategic! Keep up the good work!

  4. Base review 13:18

  5. Hey anyone klause plz tell me whats the best way to 3-star this base i have been using this base for a decent time now it never got 3-star except when a th11 came. Now my opp in war also using this base and i might have to attack him plz anyone ??

  6. I need sam more war base

  7. i have use this in the last cw and the base defense 5 times against th9. the 6st attack was a th10 3 star.

  8. I'd have double giant bombs near one of the xbows.

  9. Too many “t’s” in the walls, can get you into 4 compartments if you break one “t”

  10. woooow it's a perfect base man thank you

  11. You know it’s anti when Klaus makes it…But Ima try to rekt it, Klaus

  12. What CWL meant?

  13. WOW it worked!

  14. dose this work in the normal villge not in war

  15. Can you do one for th10 please

  16. Ima maxed th8 going to titan i am building what i can build from the base

  17. i like your awesome videos join my clan Electric Strike level 2 clan back to back war s invite only

  18. Th9’s need Tesla farms so the base is less predictable when pathing troops

  19. I love your base build vids 😀

  20. It's more like anti-bowitch base,because of the giant bomb placement..we tried it with Lavaloon + kill squad (1 golem, bowlers CC) attacking the western side of the base and we 3 stared it easily

  21. Nic ebase

  22. Klaus can u reply to me

  23. I love his videos

  24. Hey Klaus if u see my comment watch my video I uploaded it before u uploaded and I three starred this base very easily…

  25. I am using this Base for over 2 month and I uploaded a video of starring this base it's very easy to 3 star with Queenwalk + lavaloon check out my Queenwalk + lavaloon video if u don't believe..