BEST Town Hall Level 5 Defense Strategy for Clash of Clans + Low Level Raiding Strategy!

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  1. I just tried:
    and i got 99,999
    only this works 100%

  2. wow i only just started playing this in 2015

  3. BEST Town Hall Level 5 Defense Strategy for Clash…:

  4. Make a video how to upgrade your town hall to level 5


  5. Favorite Game? Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

  6. really? no one says anything in the comment section about his exp being
    1337?!?!?!? lol

  7. He said that the air defense is max lvl town hall lvl 5 it is not this is
    my second account and I have a lvl 5 town hall right now and I’m upgrading
    the air defense go lvl 3 he doesn’t know what he is doing

  8. Try this:
    i just added 999999 from here

  9. My favorite games is shooting games and clash of clan and ganster gegas

  10. Good base but I have found one a little more affective 

  11. coc

  12. Terrible base!!! Wtf he says its good??

  13. 1337 Exp ^^

  14. K

  15. the base was destroyed by level 3 100 archers hahaaha

  16. Minecraft+clash of clans

  17. Archer towers were ugly back than!

  18. My favorite game is black ops 

  19. +NoteworthyGames – Clash of Clans i was in your clan but u kicked me out

  20. I have a question? Where are all the traps? I don’t see any on the have
    it’s self????

  21. My favorite game is clash of clans

  22. Goo!!!!!My village is also LVD 5 town hall I have 1278 trophies….

  23. but what if some one finds the weakness to your base designs if they do
    change it up

  24. I can’t find your clan, I did search the correct name, but some are the
    same but they have another Leader and think its your clan or their’s

  25. guys me ı am fullow me nex clash of clans base – wars bideos 😀 up up