Best Town Hall Level 8 Defense Strategy and Setup for Clash of Clans + Tips and Tricks

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  1. Echt een hele goeie base van allemaal 


  3. rushed base ,heckkkk

  4. I would destroy that base

  5. I threw up watching this video 

  6. Thx you so much I subbed cause I was having trouble thinking of a town hall
    8 set up

  7. Good job rushing

  8. you idiots UPLOAD DATE. this was good back then, now it’s not th8s didn’t
    have a 3rd air defense

  9. I’m th7 level 62 I could get 2/3 stars on your base and your walls need
    some work

  10. dude im town hall 5 and i have level 10 gold mine

  11. Dude guys this is not noteworthy games because he always have that song at
    the begging the this one doesn’t

  12. Dude no offfenncceee but this is very easy to raid with an air attack..
    your air defences are easy to break

  13. Missing an air defence

  14. his new video for th 8 is a lot better

  15. I would crush the f*** out of that base lol ? keep dreamin bro your
    defense ain’t good ?

  16. All these comments are just so negative. Just thank the guy for sharing and
    tweak his layout if you don’t like it, but for christ sake get all those
    dicks out your butt holes and leave guy alone. Oh and thanks for the video
    man it gave me some good ideas. 

  17. Upgrade some stuff. Yeesh


  19. Join my clan guys GAZA EMPIRE

  20. u are aswome :)

  21. my th lvl 7 base is way better than this base

  22. im town hall level 7 and im easily staying at 1,700 trophies. on top of
    that, only 1/3 of my wall are level 6 so i dont understand why people are
    all the way down in silver 2 with town hall 7s. 

  23. Bro, no joke.. this defense sucks

  24. Easy 3 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ with Dragons !