BEST WAR BASE of 2018 – 11 Attempts to 3 Star It – See War Base – Clan Visit KickAssAt™

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  1. The attacker is not good you can get tree star very easy to use to golem 16 bowler and 8 wetch go and fuck this base

  2. pls show how to made it?

  3. منو باك التصميم ? خل يعترف

  4. this is a shit base the way you said 11 attempts failed on it i thought you meant like 49% no star or just a 1 star im pretty sure over 90% 2 star on this base is good enough

  5. Hey Ed! Nice video. Would be fun to arrange a friendly war between ITD and another good clan. P.s. Love the commenting ? opa opa

  6. Nub clan. I'm very sure ITD could three star this base in 2nd try. Shrug.

  7. Hey pls upload some good war bases for lower town halls like th9 and th10…. It will really help a lot for… Thanks ?

  8. But iraq wars win this war

  9. There is no way the first attempt as per you was actually the first attempt. How did the attacker get to know about the black mine and dropped the balloon so accurately?

  10. haha it's not even a good base. multi infernos and 1 easily trigerable seeking air mine. and the infernos were placed without thinking

  11. Loved oppa oppa spells??

  12. R u pakistani

  13. I need that base!!

  14. Lol 12atts?

  15. Please upload ahmed al attar videos

  16. good job Oppaaa oppaaa Btw Good Job. ED br 🙂

  17. Nice video bro ? so funny the #3 had happened to me once or twice ??? good joob Ed

  18. it's hard to 3star that using hogs but a.q walk bowitch maybe effective

  19. try#10 and #12 how it made a difference by breaking the first layer of walls before sniping the mortar got the queen closer to elixir storage than the gold mine and made that bitch walk the right way. well done

  20. I think the 11 fails were done by 1 noob lol. The 12th hit was done by pro.