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  1. hi power bang please help.. just a fan sign will do thanks!

  2. Bullshit you can't farm 40 levels in 12 days

  3. sean2 teach me how to attack sempai ???

  4. Can level 1 Hound do Lavaloon? I'm just going to assume no.

  5. well when you have nearly max heroes and troops along with a decent plan you can 3 star pretty mush any base ?

  6. power beng plzz reply how to fisrt upgrade th9 goho / Lavalons ? for war and trophies

  7. sean must has a farm bot and a burner lol jk great job guys

  8. Powerbang, when will the week 11 recap for cwl come out?

  9. Powerbang gaming – ur clan seems killer in war…i here to challengd u for a friendly war wid our clan #8YQRC09U we have 21 war win streak my clan follws ur channel asf…can gurantee u crushing war..just check out our clan…and if ur ready..send a challenge we ready

  10. That guy Sean was in pwc a year ago with me, he farmed 200k de in a day, crazy.
    Cheers from WaS PowerBang!

  11. power bang can you do me a favor. my bf is a big fan of yours. can you give a fan sign or a message for his birthday! plss plss.. he always watch your videos.. thank you so much! can u grant my wish..?

  12. hi power bang..

  13. Man it's so hard to run smaller war clans these days… I have a level 11, Warmore #V89LCL8, about to be 250 war wins, last 50 wars >95% destruction. You'd think with those kind of specs there'd be a decent amount of people applying to join but nothing's working :,( All the good players either quit clash or are already committed to a clan it seems. I've tried forum posts, global recruiting, making a website, etc. Anyone have tips for getting more members? I'm out of ideas at this point.

  14. did you guys clear 10s with 10s?

  15. Well PB is happy this video WHF finally got another win ?

  16. I think you over emphasized sean2. Yeah he may be newish, but look at his troops. He has a maxed freeze spell and level 3 hounds. And like you said, a level 35 king and 40 queen. It doesn't matter how fast he farmed. He has troops that make it look like he's been a TH10 for months.

  17. @powerbang thanks for the TH10 content…your channel is awesome

  18. Sean2 new to th10? His queen is level 40…

  19. you had 1 good war and it was a team that's in the bottom 10. your not exactly on fire

  20. Last 59 people who subscribe to my channel will have good luck for this year.?

  21. Need a hand in farming!!! NO time to log in to your clash account. To solve your problem head over to and search "farm your account for 1 week". Detailed description is there

  22. ultimately… ultimately… ultimately…

  23. Hello. How do I know my war weight?

  24. Awesome attacks—great war guys!

  25. level 2 minions for cotton?

  26. TheLegend27

  27. Powerbang Can A th8 Max Join WHF

  28. Today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! No one will see this :(…. Show some love if you do

  29. if he gor hes 40 lvl queen in 12 days .. the gem boost didnt help .. the gemming helped .. he wouldve gotten only 1 level in those 12 days without those sweet gems – gems=not skill

  30. bad SAM's on the second base

  31. YEEEEah!!

  32. عاشت ايدكم ? ? ✌??????