BEST/FUNNIEST Moments in MYSTLC7 HISTORY!- 50,000 Subscriber Special

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  1. 19:42-19:51 is my whole life

  2. I will take the TH9 youtuber flag;)

  3. LOL 11:35 lmaoooo

  4. I found you a year ago and my life has been way better seeing your videos.
    I Think you are the best youtuber and that’s saying something. I always
    look at your channel and look for more videos that you have posted! You’re
    amazing! I was cracking up laughing at the bird and the chip xD. Got me
    every time. You are going to reach 100k subs very soon!

  5. OMG LOL i laughed my ass of at the fucking bird french fry story

  6. <3

  7. awesome Ksa raided you!!!!

  8. I’m a big fan of your videos I like clash of clans


  9. Good job. In under a year from this vid you’ve gained 450k subs

  10. Congratufuckinglations babe <3

  11. Are you from europe cause i wanna stick my cock in your ass?????

  12. You are the best clash youtubeR (even better than Gaylord12399, but shhh)
    because you give advice but make it funny at the se time

  13. What’s the intro song called

  14. <3

  15. <3

  16. <3

  17. legit 2000th like :)

  18. Almost at 400,000 subs and I’m so happy I found this channel! Not only is
    it clash of clans but has hilarious commentary and cheers me up when I’m
    sad. Thx for doing YouTube and good luck on the 400,00 subs!

  19. YES YOU LIKE THE GIANTS TOO! Do you live in the Bay Area ?

  20. dat laugh at the end XD

  21. Uploaded on my birthday :O

  22. your archer queen was aiming to the left and shooting to the right

  23. <3

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