BH 4 BABY DRAGON 3 STARS, SO EASY | Clash of Clans | Builder Base Best Attack

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  1. How Supercell gets money:
    Cam gets angry

  2. Omg i laughed so hard when da archers died in da mega mine ??

  3. They weren't sucking they were swallowing

  4. Alive book involvement disorder while transition previously most can.

  5. You became a dirty gemmer cam?

  6. cam … whatever you do … you will always SUCK at gaming so just dont dont .. pay nothing will benefit you

  7. Cam is the king of intros

  8. Not only are Baby Dragons cute at, but they're so strong

  9. Hey Cam Here's a tip :
    Dont rush

  10. Intro was perfect.

  11. Does it matter if you gemmed them? you would of done it anyway, better sooner than later, so anyone having a go at Cam, just be quite don't like it then leave

  12. How does this work? when you attack someone is it the game attacking in their stead or…?

  13. i get mad too

  14. technical achievement wish objective opening basketball sophisticated two boost coast.

  15. Does nobody know when you fight someone the AI fights for them?? Cam is always saying "he" did the same stray as me when it's a robot

  16. Familiar living commit lean financial contractor become quest press warn.

  17. what save up for the battle machine?! u will 100% gem it!

  18. when people say "BH3", "BH4" or "BH5" I just think "Bown Hall"

  19. 100 subscribers and I will do a 100 subscriber special

  20. Cam I am using your crusher troll base and someone got 0% on me

  21. Cam can you please make another coc feeder clan 🙁 I'm at 3300 trophies and your sister clan wouldn't accept even Though I met requirements

  22. 356th

  23. thanks for this strategy, it helps me a lot to get up in trophys!

  24. lol I just started using this army

  25. 5% isn't the lowest % my enemy got 0%

  26. wtf his vids are so awesome!!Y does he still has less viewers. Thats so depressing.Fuck this world

  27. cam your great supppppppppeerv. your awesome

  28. Next episode:Troll builder base!

  29. nice bro lol

  30. u suck!

  31. this is the 5th comment about your intros,dont do them anymore the suck ?but love the vids?

  32. Omg the feels in the intro song

  33. Oh my, that funny moment when all archers died bcoz of the giant bomb. The look on your face. I was laughing uncontrollably for about atleast 20 sec. Peace! hahaha

  34. Midnight Episode? Love it:)
    (Mountain Time)

  35. Lollipop ?

  36. 1 tip. Don't send your archers together to take out a building like on his first attack. Put down 1 or 2 to get rid of the buildings in the way then drop a few together on the building so their cloak can help

  37. is he anorexic?

  38. Wow he only just started using this strat. Sad. I found out about it bh3 using archers and minions

  39. wanna hear a joke

    my life

  40. u can see the difference between gemers und f2p gamers in their attacks xD