BOOK OF HEROES MAGIC ITEM UNLOCKED | Clash of Clans | Christmas Update

How to unlock the Book of Heroes in Clash of Clans. It’s the best magic item in the game. CoC christmas update. NEW CHANNEL: Follow me on Twitter:…


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  3. Wow you hv a nice strategy for scoring 3 star bravo

  4. No christmas video???

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  10. Play it with Jeff

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  13. I think clan game are coming back because of the fourth book of everything

  14. Cam can you do more last day on earth videos i love them. Keep up the good work

  15. Cam where next vid?

  16. I found base with 900000 gold , 800000 elixer and 5 k de.

  17. We reached 29910 90 away from 30k…??? What a luck , I want the book of building.

  18. Are u gonna do the old intros from coc again or no i loved those intros?

  19. How many days we store magic items in clan Castle?

  20. Cam can I plz be in ur clan it says itโ€™s closed?

  21. @CamaroBro search the statue challenge. You should do a video on it with another youtuber

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  26. Can we use our rewards later or it will go after next update?

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  28. The one with the crown on it gives u a free automatic upgrade on the time of a hero…not the loot tho. U must grind the DE, start the upgrade, then use the magic spell and ur hero skips that 7 days of upgrade time.

  29. Cam is back whoo???

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  32. Funny how this is called clan games but the hint the gave us "starts with the letter Q"…… still haven't figured out the Q word

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  45. Great video Cam, thanks and have a great Christmas.

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  47. I maxed my clan points out on the first day now I'm just sitting in clan chat waiting for everyone else to finish

  48. And now…
    At the end of the video…
    I realised that I'm watching a COC video…