BOWLER CLONE Strategy – It’s The New RAGE! [Clash Of Clans Strategy]

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  1. My bowlers are still level 1… I know whats goig up next tho!

  2. 14 miners 14 wiz 2 golems 2 baby drags 7 valks is dirty. 2 heal 2 rage 3 quakes plus cc quake. It's what I'm destroying with right now. I'm a 9.5 lvl 34 aq lvl 32 BK. Hold the baby drags until 2 ads are down and send them in on opposite sides. The rest of the attack is simple. Spam after setting a funnel lol

  3. has anyone tried bowlers in cc with healers on th8…. its good with drags


  5. Early wow

  6. awesome vid Tim!! I was wondering if you'll be updating your 3 star Vault channel any time soon, its a great library my clanmates and I use to help prep for war and other attacks. Thanks again man!

  7. Nice video ash :)

  8. Ash, I just got to TH11 this past week. I have maxed (pre-update) th10 troops, but my warden is only level 3. How well do you think I could do with this strategy? Thanks for the very informative videos!

  9. nice video ash

  10. Hello ash Like

  11. still the only one trying to make the bowler happen

  12. Currently working on my level 10 walls. Have about 240 left, so I'll be stuck in TH9 for another year probably. By the time I'm done, bowlers and cloning will be a thing of the past.

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  14. i added your clan can u invite

  15. Nice Ash! Love it!

  16. I knew it! Bowlers are on their way in and I very much agree with this video, we have been working this in .-Team II prior to this video. And popping the queens ability because u were going for the GW 😉 thanks ash

  17. RIP Internet bases.. Thank you friendly challenge ?

  18. sixth

  19. does it work with low level queen

  20. Hey ash

  21. I like your videos but it seems you are the only person that like bowlers

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