Bowler WALK TH10 3 Star War Attack Guide! HGB Post Update. Clash of Clans

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  1. Lvl 30 Heros on new th10s should always 3*. You could of used valks and you would of got 3*.

  2. Good video, but it should be noted that all attacks were against double infernos set to single target. Bowler attacks against multi's don't work out as well (usually).

  3. interesting cast, gonna have to try this out myself if its working for you. ive been doing valks and govahos and they've been working for me. i think maybe we should look to air but then again maybe bowlers are the way to go

  4. you're not as cocky w this attack as you are with queen pop! i have no doubt you will come up with something with your own signature on it soon. keep'm com'n, love the videos!

  5. Great video! :)

  6. Great video ???