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  1. Another challenge episode with Nick and Cam! Don’t Miss it!

  2. Dont get it if they get low percentage they can just do it again. You
    should at least do a live raid and show your attack log to make it fair. 

  3. You know who is the most awesome person in the world ? Read the first word

  4. Molt : 62%
    Cam : 55%
    Nick : 42%

    Molt : C
    Nick : C
    Cam : -

  5. nick has maxed heroes thats not cool !!

  6. I have a crazy Ideea for you all. ONE P.E.K.K.A and 5 spells you pick any
    spells you want but only one P.E.K.K.A. Whoever has the most percent wins!

  7. Molt 63%
    Cam 55%
    Nick 42%

  8. lol, Molt owned everyone.

  9. You didn’t get a letter 

  10. you can see if you look at wiz when he starts droppin them with archer. it
    goes from 4-3 without droppin any females! you and cam should have too do
    it again!

  11. Wasn’t aware golems had a gender

  12. First 

  13. looks you beat cam molt good work

  14. Molt= 62%
    Cam= 55%
    Nick= 42%
    Nick your turn to geta letter

  15. Nick lost lol

  16. Ok Nick lost this one I think

  17. Do a faceroll

  18. how stupid are these commenters?? A live attack can be recorded and I don’t
    think these adults care so much about a game they are playing that they
    would “cheat”. Its actually pathetic to think about….

  19. you need to do it fucking live, otherwise you could do it as many times as
    you want and just record your highest percentage. you’re just cheating molt

  20. U won

  21. Nick lost this ine good job guys way to keep coming up wuth challenges!!!!

  22. U came in first

  23. whats the song called in the intro

  24. Molt can you review my base it is in the clan pekka paradise and name is

  25. 9 months ago 2,000,000+ views. ….now around 18,000……poor molt