1. My opponent get 2 star73 per how???????

  2. 2 satr 80% by Night Witch 13 lvl…

  3. What clan are you in now

  4. Nice Base Bro Love ? Your Channel Hope You Reach 10,000 Subs

  5. This base is awesome I win every time

  6. I already crush some base like this with more than 60% and 2 stars. Try it with 2 giants, 1 bomber, 1 barb and 1 archer camp. Trust me it works. Attack it from beside, so you will just face 1 crusher.

    #1 put just a giant to distract defence building
    #2 all bomber not to close each other to crush the wall and building.
    #3 2 giant to destroy defend before the crusher and battle machine (do not use ability until infront of crusher)
    #4 put all archer behind battle machine to help destroy building and off course the crusher.
    #5 quickly to put all giant to destroy defences building behind base and target the roaster.
    #6 when roaster been down. Put 5 or 6 barb to focus on base.
    #7 destroy other building to get higher percentage ( try not to close with the last crusher)

    Note: Just try it and tell me your result.

  7. if you do thanks for the base

  8. remember me

  9. Stop moving clans!

    I can't copy your base before your uploads otherwise!

  10. Nice base
    I'll try it

  11. I was always getting beaten (60-100%) by Night Witches (+ Giants sometimes) or Baby Dragons + Minions but I just copied this base and on my first defence, Giants + Night Witches got 45% 0 star. I'm climbing back up to 4150 so thanks for the great base! I had a similar base when I was BH6 and I went from 2500 to 4150 and this one is very similar but it still works, keep up the great work!

  12. u de best at building bases

  13. Great bases man!

  14. will this work without giant cannon

  15. Loving it

  16. nice base bro this channel is so useful for me can u do th 7 best base

  17. Cool video

  18. Nice base Classical!

  19. Can i join ur clan? I'm BH6 on my night village and TH10 on my main.
    Btw I love ur vids

  20. Wow! Can it help me too push too 5000?

  21. Like!

  22. Best BH 7 base I used yet! Thanks a lot for creating/testing it 😀

  23. This base is soooo amazing!!!!!!

  24. Bro I'm saving up for bh7! Then I can use all your bases 🙂

  25. This base is too awesome

  26. i dont liked the background song!

  27. lots of loves from Bangladesh

  28. Your bases are amazing I love you u

  29. Awsome vid and first