BUILDER HALL AND DRAGON EVENT! – Clash of Clans – Road to Max TH8

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  1. Doing a livestream later on today at around 5pm or 6pm UK Time (So in about 5 or 6 hours) Be sure to tune in! It will be on the 2v2 battles!

  2. I can sort out ur brawl stars and iPhone recording

  3. Yay! And can I add u on Facebook?

  4. Glad to see you back 😀 Please scheduele the uploads like this! Great content, Ill tune into the stream today ok?

  5. Go check out the vid I made about you please sub to me it would be so cool

  6. max out your base dont rush

  7. Give me a shout out

  8. Can you sub to me say yes or no

  9. Can you sub to me can you join my clan

  10. Nice vid 🙂

  11. Can I join your clan and can you sub to me

  12. Hi sub to me

  13. I love you! My video about you )