Builders Hall 6 BH6 Lets Play Episode 11 | MAXING ARCHER TOWERS | Clash of Clans

In this episode we max out our first archer tower in the builders base and do some live attacking. —————————————————————————— Help …


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  1. Sorry guys I am feeling really under the weather and sick the past few days. I may only have one video for you today. I am so sorry! I will try for a second but we will see. I love you all ??

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  7. Look at this player – #PP99VR0R … I was shocked when I saw that he has donated only 300 000 troops

  8. Watched your channel for bout a month now and the progression has been amazing?


  10. Baby Dragons one of the staple troops for bh6. I have lv 11 baby dragons and they're pretty good, was gonna upgrade them to max but I ACCIDENTALLY upgraded raged barbarians. Cruel world, how is this even possible?

  11. Can i Join i am th 7.5 and i have lvl 9 bbk pls pls can i join if it isnt full

  12. I hate U

  13. bro i hate u and UNsubscribed to ur chaneel I wish u never get 3k subs I hate u ????? u did not let me in

  14. I found this channel from a general Tony video and I didn't expect much from it but I watched this video and I am surprised on how good u are and you're channel! !

  15. Hey i also have a th8 maxed except for the walls that can join


  17. What I watch when I'm sick ? great video?

  18. Nice video again.

  19. Awesome video Surfnboy

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  21. Lmao I ran into a guy using your current base(I'm also using it) and won. 77% two star to 74% two star. I attacked with mass minions while he attacked with baby dragons

  22. I'm a level 133 th11 can I join the main clan?

  23. I watched this earlier but forgot to comment? EITHER WAY AMAZING VIDEO AS ALWAYS!!! Keep it up!!! I hope you feel better soon!

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  25. i have 1553 trophies and TH7 can i join ur clan

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  29. Match making is unfair, so your more incline to buy gems

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  31. Could you please make a video of builder base 6 building tips

  32. good video surf

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  34. Surf I saw the mail but my queen is down, I was red but still got put in, my mirror is a much higher weight th9, 20-20 heroes and I can't three star without my queen and I don't have enough gems saved up to finish her, should I drop a few bases or just attack it?

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  36. Hey just a tip could u lower the volume of the music its kina annoying and someparts i can hear u thx

  37. So i have a th10 account is that good enough to join.

  38. ?Alchemic Elite?New Hardcore War Clan?Looking For Well Developed TH7+?Read description

  39. Can I get a shout-out on the next Video?

  40. If I won $1,000 for every bad video you made…

    I would be poor 🙁

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  42. Please don't turn into those youtubers that only care about views, at the beggining of your series you were awesome but half the video is you talking about "don't forget" if someone wants to sub they will. Just a feedback not hate lol

  43. hey surf i was in your main clash royale clan master looters but i ran into a river with my phone i dont know if i got kicked is there another way i can join? my name was nick i had 2708 trophies

  44. Mum I'm on youtuber?? Great video?

  45. When are you going to do a 'state of the game' video which you said to me in comments few days ago that u will do

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