BUZZER BEATER! | Patreon War #1 | Clash of Clans

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  1. Stop clicking that x2 and x4 button. It's annoying. what's the rush? click it if there are no defenses left. =)

  2. You say you're the good side… what if you're the bad side!?!?!?! 😮 plot twist!

  3. Could you make a tutorial on GoWiVa for Th8?

  4. Yo power bang can u send me a link to a video of urs where u have a good base to Farm up gold for LEVEL 10 walls?

  5. 7:22 balloons fail lol !

  6. good win pb and co!
    what attack style would you recommend for a completely max th9 whose bk is upgrading? AQ is 30 and all troops max for th9. a lot of attack strategies seem pretty dependent on having bk take out aq or tank heavily.

  7. PB needs some WD40 for his chair

  8. Nice video, Powerbang. Love your vids except the fact that you say good guys. I don't know why but it gets on my nerves.

  9. Copying onehive? I think so

  10. Copying onehive? I think so

  11. pillow cases are stupid ?

  12. thanks for doing a recap and showing my 3 star pb (ign is stevo)…had a great time, looking forward to the next one..ur vids always appreciated

  13. Clutch wall break by the king

  14. Was that khal drogo from onehive?…like before apollyon's attack,i see his name

  15. man its awesome u do these wars with ur fans bro.. great stuff.. clashvenom

  16. Cracking up at the king beating the walls!


  18. Hey PB if I just pledge $2 a month can I join your PB's PUNISHERS or do I have to pledge more? Also if I pledge $2 a month I can stop whenever I want to right? Or is it like I pledge $2 a month for 12 months or something? Sorry if this is a bit confusing lol.

  19. Dracule here super fun war thanks again

  20. hey pb could you do a video on the stacking of poison spell

  21. 7:25 those loons dropping bombs but it ain't hittin those teslas

  22. pb audio become low and low

  23. Sounds super kinky name wise xD

  24. someone opened a door at 2:14 lol

  25. Where are the electric eights?

  26. i wish i could watch this in 3d

  27. why is pb soo awesome???

  28. no hate man…. but switch it up please this is like jakes second channel we dont wanna see the same things the same videos the same ideas be original but pther than that nice video