CALL A DOCTOR! Surgical Barbarian Strategy in Clash of Clans Builder Base!

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  6. Brilliant stuff, great to see Lach featured as well he's awesome!!

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  11. Look everyone another MAX BUILDER HALL video why can't you make videos for the ones who do not have max troops? I tell you why there's no money in it for you I'm not a hater I love clash I play more than you and these troops do not do what you say you have developer build accounts and that's why you hv success. I really hope to hear an reply but FYI love your videos like to se more more more builder hall battles to learn

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  15. Hey man, I play in The Canon-Cart Challenge with you, I'm MIKO EL YO

  16. Hey GG, I am trying to start a gaming channel. If i may ask,what screan recorder do you use?

  17. My brother bet me 20 dollars that I couldn't get to 30 subscribers PLEASE HELP ME

  18. Thumbnail looked funny asf? i would want my doc to look like that, pretty entertaining?

  19. Hey galy can you make a video on


  20. Lemme tell you a glitch I FOUND along time ago, go to clan wars, open clan chat, go to clan icon, press leave, but don't actually leave, then you will have war music playing over your village. A little glitch that won't be useful but it's there lol.


  22. I have been using this tactic since the day the update for the 2nd island came out the original name is bombarians

  23. Who wants to build? Comment "me" so we can sub to each other and help each other out!

  24. Hey guys! I'm a new clash of clans youtuber putting out strategic, daily videos. I would really appreciate it if you would check out one my videos and just tell me what you think. Thanks!

  25. Have a great day everyone! Let's kill it!

  26. hey gally enjoy your vids I was wondering when you will start playing player unknown battlegrounds I'm really waiting for it

  27. Woah man i was playing this stratagy since 3rd week of builder base release

  28. All I need to max out to go to bh5 is guard post, walls and troops

  29. No one has ever done that in the history of man kind

  30. Me get 3* evrytiem wit dragz.

  31. This is good video