Castle Clash 4 Sneak Peaks! New Hero and New Game Mode!

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  1. I'm gonna save gems for months then roll. But by the time I roll 4 new heroes will be out or even more. They just put new ones out every month.

  2. INTRO song = NAME?

  3. Medusa didn't know what she did she was stoned.

  4. outro song?

  5. Sup stupid

  6. I think Medusa's ability is going to be very stun focused. Like Medusa stuns X nearby heroes for X damage and increases their damage taken by X for X seconds

  7. I think her skill is going to be that she turns any hero that's an front of hero to stone for X amount of seconds and does X amount of damage

  8. do you think its a giveaway hero or shard hero or gem hero bro ? i think its a giveaway hero or shard what you guys think lets all take a guess

  9. The hero was made by a friend of mine his name is JP his Instagram is called clashing_with_goalkeeper go check him out he's awesome!

  10. What I think the game mode is is a GLOBAL boss where each specific area can vote on a time and then they fight the boss and it last from 30min to 1 hour

  11. yea

  12. NEW HERO?!

  13. I know you prob won't see this but can you ppppllllleeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeee do a f2p ep

  14. First