Castle Clash New Hero Sneak Peek: Harpy Queen!

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  1. I just rolled this character. She's pretty useful but I wanted Pumpkin D. 

  2. I wouod love for them to change some of the graphics kinda like clash of clans where theres lava flowing in the townhall and stuff, cause from th 18-25 its the same _.

  3. When is the update coming out???

  4. faster energy recovery seems to me like it's going to recharge more energy than normal per attack dealt/taken, not charging automatically

  5. LOL warlocks wife

  6. Hey whats the name of the song in your intro… if you wouldnt mind i would like to add it to my intro also

  7. Its a mix between grizzly reaper and frost witch, probably will last 6 seconds. Lv 5 revitalize sounds sweet for HBDemon and i want to see that fast recovery. This harpy wont be like vlad but it will become very important in my opinion. We just have to wait and see.

  8. The cooldown is prolly gonna be insane

  9. Chances of getting a PD has tremendously decreased.

  10. I just rolled a 4/5 condemnation who should I put it on

  11. I got a video of it

  12. Somewhat an anti pumpkin duke 

  13. I hope it is fast acting n maybe they will have a new hero with a lv5 beserk

  14. I hope it is fast acting n maybe they will have a new hero with a lv5 beserk

  15. oh and yes she does not have to hit anything to proc

  16. the fast energy recovery is fkin fast i have a harpy queen on other server and you start with a full bar and when u proc it almost instantaneously refills to 100% its sick!!

  17. Aevatrex what is ur line

  18. She looks sexy

  19. Hey aevatrex do you want to review her I already have her so message back if you wanna review her on my account thx! And stay cool as always! <3