Castle Clash New Hero Sneak Peek Medusa

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  1. I think she will turn X number of heroes to stone (stun) for X seconds also dealing X% of attack every 0.5 seconds for X seconds. CD: 7 seconds. Comes with lvl 8 stone skin. I also thing that for the animation the turned to stone should be a rock above their head and the damage should be 1+ snake(s) circling the target

  2. Love the music at the end terryz

  3. I hope she is good But hey Terry good Vid and informing players with what's new

  4. i guess her proc would be turning enemy into to stone .

  5. Guessing she stuns targets close to her for X seconds, born with 5 revite. and debuff allies. (if I'm right. I want a cookie)

  6. i'm thinkin' she'll be a F2P Arctica ..?

  7. in the past the storry is that when you see in her face you become a stone human

  8. Her eyes will glow then multiple enemy's (depending on skill lvl) will be turned to stone for a couple seconds and may take damaged. That's my guess :/

  9. we need more blue and greens. How is it that legendaries outnumber blue and green heroes combined

  10. i think its going to be venomous whirl etc.and may be it slows attack spd of near by foes.

  11. can i get my channel featured on yours? Plz

  12. this hero is same as in good rush from igg

  13. I think she is gonna cause fear and I think she will come with 8/8 stone skin

  14. its going to be like Ult of medusa in Smite :P

  15. cant wait to roll for medusa thanks for heads up appreciate ur videos

  16. hey terryz whats the best screen recorder for iphone 4s

  17. another hero. my warehouse can't take anymore lol

  18. She will make every hero in stone for 5 seconds

  19. Stun because if following her lore…her eyes turn people to stone

  20. I love you man you inspire me . I have a pd and a sk.