Castle Clash New Hero Sneak Peek! Valentina!

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  1. i rolled $100 yesterday pretty much just for cupid and didnt get it

  2. hero: Valentina
    skill: insta death to 20 heroes. debuff ATK, MOV, AND ATK SPD by 99% for 20 second. immune to horror, stun, freeze, Debuff and death. comes with lv 8 wargod and lv 8 psyshiled. lolololololololololololololololololololol do it igg! release this hero in April 1st.

  3. I have an account with 38k might. it has SK with 7/8 life drain, PD, dread drake, gholem, and immortep, they are all 6/10. if you want it, reply and we'll negotiate

  4. (cough cough) can't troll green heroes

  5. IGG are just money whores to f2p players…

  6. They should make active skill for heroes

  7. Lol I have 35k might all sorts of cupids and vlads but no pumpkin duke. If Igg continues this I will problably never get it.

  8. Lol. Guys when i Saw this video i Was like…

    Annother one!

  9. im selling my cc acount it has pd aries dread drake and pixie with other legends at 160 make a deal

  10. the most important is heroes quality not quantity…hope this hero not op or game changer…:(

  11. alguien que tenga más de 120k de might en el server inglés para que se una a un guild top 68 se llama Def1ance, Gracias ^^

  12. I legitimately got Treantaur the second day it came out(and I just yolo'd my roll), I didn't know jack about it because I was a noob xD

  13. haha so igg is starting to copy and paste hero skins? glad i stopped putting money towards this game a long time ago. greedy money grabbing piece of shit company igg is.

  14. goodnight

  15. so less gem heroes? Okay IGG, add more event only heroes.

  16. And I agree they have put out so many hero's….the chance of rolling a pd is so sad at this point let alone any other hero you are going after.

  17. Terrible Name, Looks like they just copied pixie's graphic. Definitely sick of IGG's monthly cash-grab new hero.

  18. Hey man. Nice video!

  19. I'm in the Math_masters guild on ios

  20. hai

  21. kinda looks like pixie

  22. first like ?

  23. it cupid and pixie daughter lol @Aevatrex

  24. hey I'm early

  25. nice ?

  26. pixies pong lost evil twin

  27. second

  28. first

  29. Hey ave

  30. first

  31. Recruiting For PandaTrex guild if you are interested and have a might of at least 140k message Toonamo on Line chat!

    Recruiting For PandaTrexS guild if you are interested and have a might of at least 50k message either of these IDs- Prepbag7553 or (yes all the periods are part of the line ID LOL)