Castle Clash New Sneak Peek Give Heroes Pets | Not Just Dragons

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  1. I'm not liking this addition to the game. It will make the game FAR TOO random. If they keep this up…. CC will be 100% random :/

  2. I have 50k gems wanna try to get me skull knight

  3. "They look retarded" thats what i told too!

  4. With those pets mods like Lava, HBM or dungeons will getting easier

  5. It looks good, there will be different rarieties and the "retarded" looking ones will be blues and greens

  6. Wow pets, no wonder why they done a #petclash event on Instagram, Twitter and facebook…..I've been thinking about this.

  7. it doesn't even fit the game tf it looks terrible I hope its an april fool

  8. Looks dumb asf. Doesn't even fit the game

  9. Looks like a april fools joke that they fucked up on and remembered its not april.

  10. They should have just kept making normal hero's

  11. First nice vid man