Castle Clash Sneak Peek! New Christmas Hero!

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  1. what knot?

  2. A friendly chinese here making the effort to translate personally:
    1. Update a new team dungeon mode
    2. new 7-day login rewards
    3. removal of pet quests from quest boards. (This forced me to gem eggs because i do quest-board every 7hrs)
    4. December is christmas month, christmas hero: Jingle bells. Skill: Increase Atk buff and crit of self by X% for 9s, cd 12s. Hero has an exclusive talent "frost explosive" that does dmg to 15 targets and freezes them for 1s every 6s.
    5. pet name: fat elephant. Pet skill activates when hero is attacked. X% chance to give X nearby allies with least hp a anti-stun buff, while increasing their dodge by X% for Xs. Somehow its skill lvl also shortens incubation time
    6. christmas graphics.

    Ps: pugong stands for 普攻, which is a rpg term for "normal atk". It cannot be directly translated so google-T gives the direct pronunciation.

    +Aevatrex Please include the above in ur description for viewers

  3. this hero looks like candy kane and dracax had a baby lol hope it comes with 5/5 warehouse like his parents lol

  4. Nice information :)

  5. they just need to add a water type dragon nd earth type

  6. hmmmn…????? some heroes are actually immune to stun so freezing skill might be a solution…. heheheh i don't know….

  7. CC needs to quit with new heros it's just becoming rushed take time and make a hero wrote rolling for if you want more money

  8. A gingerbread man would have been a cool Christmas hero

  9. dizziness? does that exists, or is the new hero gonna have something like that?

  10. If you want the English translation here it is:

    Update Trailer
    1. Update new multiplayer defensive copy of 'top of purgatory the I'
    2. Add novice 7th login reward. (All players can receive.)
    1. Remove hatch pet reward task (some players think that this task is very friendly and engineers decided to hear the player and delete the recommendations related tasks in this update.).

    In December for the Christmas months, updated content are a number of elements of Christmas:
    Christmas festival Heroes: Gold jingle
    Skill Description: to enhance their attack power and X% X% crit chance for 9 sec. (12 seconds cooling time, the hero comes frost burst of talent, every 6 seconds caused Pugong X% damage to the enemy target audience 15 and freezing one second)

    Christmas holiday Pet: small fat elephant
    Skill Description: Hero Attacked, the small fat like X% chance to make the blood around the X side of the least friendly hero immune dizziness, fear state, and to improve its dodge rate X%, sustained X seconds. (Cooling time X seconds)
    Note: small fat elephant illustrations pet pet skills can reduce the incubation time.

    In addition, there will be Christmas scenes, Christmas special login loading elements such as Christmas updates.

    -Welcome in advance

  11. i cant wait for this new hero!

  12. all these damn heroes just make it harder to roll the hero you want.

  13. Guys go check out Hurshh's channel he does good quality CC videos

  14. I have 6k genes saved up

  15. nice

  16. lol

  17. hope the new hero is going to be a beast

  18. sup boys

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  21. Awesome video!!!

  22. I'm on time, sup aev

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