Champion’s War League CWL PICK’ EM!!! w/ Jake OneHive in Clash Of Clans

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  1. Thanks again to Jake for doing this with me and also thanks to my Clash of Clans viewers for hanging in there. Before you comment, I can't say when the update will be 😛

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  3. Hey ash if you read and pls do could you do a video helping players find there staple decks cuz I can't seem to find my staple deck and fully stick to it right now I'm using that barb hut grave deck and it's working well for me so far.

  4. CWL for a Clash Royale content creator…maybe Pokemon Go, if it resurges. And host the CWL finals too, like Galadon even if you both know you dont do CoC content.

  5. Hey ash love your content both CR and CoC, could it be possible to do kinda like the pro tips you do on CR but for CoC? any videos about war army strategies are very much appreciated

  6. "The Swarm is on another level" ? We will see Jake, we will see

  7. Great series. Hope to see more of it

  8. i left a like on the video keep up the anamzin work

  9. Love this series

  10. Thx for making me suck less, both of you. ?

  11. What happened in the dark looters war why a forfeit?

  12. Replays do not help much. Let's get back to breaking a base down. I like what Jake did before and we need more of it

  13. Hey Ash why don't you cover Elite Gaming's CWL matches? I think it could get them some good recruits if you covered their wars and promote them

  14. I always appreciate the CoC videos Ash, thanks for the great content.

  15. 12:30 Stop flipping us off!

  16. Why is CWL promoting Ash so much? He is CR youtuber and not COC anymore! He and Galadon should do more Coc video, or CWL should promote smaller (but better) CoC youtubers like itzu and snip!

  17. How may I be part of your clan in coc Ash? I'm th9 with kings lvl 22 jeje. Great video Ash I love coc and cr 😀

  18. Very good Ash cool

  19. nice

  20. i watch the youtuber tournamet chiefpat vs ash but chiefpat won but for me your the no.1 winner your the king of cr and coc

  21. clash with ash im playing coc too ash your so good in all of the game your great

  22. Each week I plan to use stats and Elo ratings in order to rank the CWL Invite and Premiere clans, as well as use those stats to give probabilities of future wars. I made my first post on it recently: I thought it might be interesting to see how these rankings change over time and how accurate they get as the season goes on

  23. hi ash i love ur videos plzz reply ………… i love u # not gay

  24. very nice guys ?