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  1. just give me your account, ill totally take care of everything >:) 

  2. F*ck now I don’t have a reason why I’m still awake at 1:00 AM -.-

  3. Why aren’t you back Cole? 🙁 and why won’t you guys let me back in Looters?

  4. Well,most of the comments say “4 days ago”,so he must be uploading today!:D

  5. First

  6. U have pwned it with that intro

  7. Darth Vader, nnnnoooooo

  8. Hey Colson, im at almost 1.7k subs, would you like to do a joint shoutout
    or work together 🙂 Peace

  9. Whats the song called during the raid? (And plz, no one say

  10. Ur channel is fucking awesome! New sub

  11. Was your first Channel blockend?

  12. What’s the intro song called?

  13. Now im gonna cri evrytim ;-; 

  14. COLSON Y U LEAVE U?????? :(:(:…(

  15. Maybe you guys can check me out while Colson’s gone? (;
    I just uploaded my second video farming high loot raids! It’d mean a lot if
    I could get some support!

  16. I was one of your first Subs there.

  17. :'( bye enjoy your vacation 

  18. FUCK Well Eminem is better then kit kat bro

  19. god damnit cole DONT LEAVE MEH XP

  20. Hi

  21. nice outro music :)

  22. Have fun :)

  23. Funniest coc youtuber ever

  24. Hi cole, What do you record with? Also how do you edit your videos? I’m
    asking this because I’m making a channel and i need to know from a youtuber
    thats uploads good quality vids thanks.
    Also how did you make your outro?