Channel Updates | Clash of Clans

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  1. ? good vid like always bro

  2. sexy face? ?????

  3. happy wife happy life good call bro dont upset wife cuz she will then complain about the game and then things start to get ugly with wife and clash trust me I have seen this from my brother and law ???✌

  4. I got to know this channel thanks to Ash

  5. Keg have fun on your trip man. I thought atoma had a stream for one of the OH wars recently?

  6. Have fun on your cruise!

  7. Have a fun cruise. If OH doesn't already have someone in clan who can do the recap for week 7 I'm more than willing to cover it for you all. Just let me know.

  8. Enjoy your vacations and come back with more of that great energy we all love… and hopefully with some fun stories to tell ??

  9. make a video kicking our butts. Was a great war we learnt alot from you guys. 100% Canadian ?

  10. Thanks kegan for starting streaming! Don't worry about the graphics quality, I'm sure a pure COC enthusiast would never complain about that. Be safe and have fun on your cruise buddy. P.S. : don't forget to ask your wife to follow me on Twitter ?

  11. Another neat idea would be to have a base builder on to explain a base in war, then have the attacker on after to explain an attack on that base.

  12. I really enjoy the channel. I like the Powerbang does the live raids with the voice clan chat included. It would be neat to hear the clan chat before and during an attack.

  13. nevertheless, enjoy and have a safe trip

  14. face reveal!

  15. Love the Movie analysis ?

  16. Love they way you breakdown and describe how a raid should work.

  17. It's ok Brutus, Take all the time you need for the holiday. Have fun and don't worry about the channel, we'll be waiting :)

  18. twitch news was awesome 🙂 🙂 …have fun on ur holiday (bring with u some haste spells, it'll make boat going faster 😉 ) …c u soon

  19. I came from bisectatron and i think you have a much better personality than him

  20. Just subbed … keep posting clash content 🙂 the community needs it

  21. Have a good trip Brutis, we'll be waiting! Looking forward to the streams.

  22. if you want me to help your channel art i will ;)