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  1. Godson what are hotter? Witches, valkyries, archers or pekkas? (pekkas are
    supposedly female)

  2. If you are special 1% of the people who reads these comments then have an
    extremely amazing day! and merry christmas to you all.

  3. Like if your watching in 2015 lel

  4. My girlfriend broke up with me today 🙁

    But she said we could still be cousins :)

  5. 5 x-mas trees

  6. What 9+10

  7. Y are u using mario songs

  8. I got 4 trees :p

  9. I got a christmas tree in January, im not even mad

  10. When did the one with just the Christmas lights come out? 

  11. I removed all 3 of my Christmas trees

  12. I have 5 trees no lie

  13. Dude you dont have to do all of this I got 4 xmas tree really simply by
    just waiting 

  14. If have got the first Christmas three, if you don’t believe me look my base
    Clan; The Grunroads
    I am Kick, the top player of the clan ;)

  15. U give me purple moneys yeaaaaa!

  16. Third to comment on the vid. I know no one cares though, but I don’t care
    about their opinions.

  17. I have five and there all on the edges

  18. I just did a speed build video :)

  19. How do you get the trees with the gold on them?

  20. I got 3 trees on my one account and 4 on my main account 

  21. I got 4 xmas trees on the outside of my base without modifying my base at
    all lol

  22. my favorite is the 2012 one
    but i dont got 1 🙁 i staarted clash 1 week after release but at the first
    chrismas i dont got ANYTHING :((((( last year i just got 1 and that was 1
    day before the chrismas update got removed :(( and i got 5 this year :))

  23. I have 5 trees
    –Israel d great

  24. I have 10