Clan Engineering | How to Fix | The REAL Story | Clash of Clans WAR

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  1. spin at 6 eastern … helps a little

  2. WIll you show all of you clans bases? I am just curious to see if any of your own town hall 10 or 11 are not maxed and have all max defenses.. Because if they are th10 without infernos isn't that engineering?

  3. I understand engineering, but what is moding?

  4. CnB i stand by you my clan is currently losing to a engineering clan their #15 is a th10 with weak defences but max troops and heroes. i have nothing against engineering acc but clash needs to put fair play in wars. for example the builder game you can't progress to a higher builder hall without buying other defences or resources from shop they should apply this to the home bases on clash

  5. love the vid ash, I'm tired of engineering as well. really most of the war we lose is because of engineering. we just faced a clan that had 3 th11s to our one, and two of them were at the bottom. wish SC would fix it because the community has too much to gain to stop it. the clan with the best skill doesn't win.

  6. If we can get the advantage then… lol but we do laugh at the under offense wanna bees

  7. Why do you blame others for not adding certain defenses? Dont blame them, blame supercell … if you know that this Xbow, this Inferno, this Eagleattilery will add tons of war weight to your base, why do you add it? Its like complaining that icecream makes you fat, but you still eat it. You know that certain towers and upgrades are not worth getting and you still get them … that reminds of my Starcraft times, they were people complaining about cheese play all the time: Put certain building outside of your base or going for this or that rush is unfair blabla … everyone is allowed to play this game how he or she wants to play it. It is then up to the developers to make it fair. That people trying to get an edge is the most natural thing ever. Every sport is like that, if you know that you have a better chance in scoring by using a special technique … I would use it!
    If you know that eating this makes you walk 5 miles longer, Id would it eat it (as long its healthy)!

    If someone picks my base and calls it engineered, .5ish or whatever … i couldn't care less!

  8. Hi Cast

    1st of all, just wanted to say, love your videos and appreciate all the hard
    work that goes into making them, keep it going man.

    I totally agree, we come up against engineered clans all the time, we have
    beaten quite a few but it is frustrating to see them come up against you, we
    have a strict Max out at each Town hall policy for our members and anyone not
    following gets benched.

    we are just a casual war clan with young and old in the clan, very hard for
    younger ones to beat some of the lower bases, but really I blame Supercell and
    no one else for this situation.

  9. Come on Cast. That all sounds very noble. But while ever SC feel that it a legit way to play the game, the problem will always be there. Not having, or kicking out engineered accounts won't fix anything. SC and SC alone are the ones that have the solution. No one in our clan thinks it's good for the game. But neither is getting lop sided matches time after time after time. Since we have thrown in a couple of engineered accounts, wars have been much more even, and much more fun. No way do I feel ashamed about it. I didn't do the match making coding. I'm just working with what I've got to work with.

  10. Many players stay at th9 and do not upgrade, because it is easier to do good in wars. But then they blame others, who make their live easier by using another upgrade strategy. Th9 is no endgame.
    Just max your base. Have a clan of only maxxed th11s and you will never ever be at a disadvantage.
    Then of course, you would need a lot of skill to perform well against others. With low th lv clans it is not that difficult to 3 star everything. As a th9 you barely impact the outcome of a war. Limiting yourself forever, just to do good in your comfort-zone, while the few good high level players in your clan carry everything, does not make your clan a serious war clan, in my opinion.
    Since engineering does not effect serious war clans, only baby clans, it is not a big deal.

    This does not mean that there aren't some pretty strong clans among these "baby clans".
    Still, for a team game to be competitive, every single player's efforts for the team must be about equaly important for the outcome of the game.

  11. I won't apologize for offending people. If you engineer you suck and need a handicap to win. Period. Pussies.

  12. take fewer 10's and fill with more 9's

  13. there's a really good glitch to to help with getting G ems online here –

  14. We also hit engineered clans now and then. I'm not against engineering, but SC should really look at their matching giving engineering such unfair advantage. I feel the matching has been made way too complex, a simple rule as that the war weight of a base should be minimum of that of a maxed base of one th level lower should already go far in solving the issue.
    Thanks for nice videos cnc, queen pop rules.

  15. 1) How many loons to use in queen pop to scout cc ? I use 3 but sometimes it goes waste and didn't scout due to traps so have to release more loons .
    2) I'm the only one using this attack in my clan so they call it unreliable. But it is strong as per my view. But i encounter 2 witches 1 wiz & 1 minion combo in cc and i was like shit what should i do . Sacrificed my king and queen but those skelly from 2 witches and wiz minion killed my king and queen easily as they are at level 12 right now. It seems to be the weak point . Suggestions for loons no . for cc pulls would be helpful.

  16. I feel some of the engineered people were thinking if you can't beat them join them

  17. lol…i love how you blame "engineering" when you have 3 th11s to their 4 th11, but you admit that 1 of yours is "a baby", so you really have 2 th11s…..very simple….don't put the weak guy in war! duh….engineering is not a problem at all…..but clans making bad war choices is

  18. I still don't get it….everyone complains about these "engineered" clans, but we have never faced one ever. Solution is very simple: 1) don't allow engineered accounts in your clan; (2) don't allow .5s in your clan; (3) start wars at 6-7 pm EST; (4) reset war search every 4-6 minutes…..done….you will never face an engineered clan again

  19. they are cowards…they are destroying the game…I agree with you cast…

  20. Preach it brother! You are spot on.

  21. The Jeff Foxworthy of Clash? Your voice seemed to channel him. If you do this … you just might be an engineered clan. lol

  22. There is nothing wrong with "engineering". Stop bitching about it. These bases don't just pop up, they take ALOT of time and effort into building them just like any other base. The slight advantage in wars is well earned.

  23. It is just my clans Playstyle