Clan Games Get BIGGER and BETTER! Clash of Clans UPDATE!

  1. We want a new man in town hall 9

  2. i liked so its not longer 666 thats creppy lol

  3. can i suggest for the next update for clan games rewards, the rewards should be awarded only for those who almost max their points because some members just do one challenge to get the reward after clan games period… it so unfair for those who did their best to reach the max points 2k and the others just did 100 points to benefit. unfair….

  4. GG = Galadon Gaming ???

  5. we not all gemmers like you dawgg I love wen you talk like the hogs rider 🙂

  6. meu amigo de cla ganhou de vc em uma battle 2v2 kkk

  7. Hey galadon plz check out the tweet I sent u the troops were shining blue

  8. I'm SAD the points are too domn high.. our clan can't reach 30000 ??

  9. ragner lothbrok thats awsome character my fev show

  10. someone subscribe meeeee!!!!!

  11. Which troop to max I should do archer or drop ship my battle machine is level 5 archer level 9 and drop ship level 2, minion level 13 and baby level 13, barbs level 10 please tell,.. archer or drop ship to max

  12. Random thought ….. yes u can fc but thoughts on being able to attack your own base, which i think will improve on base making and see alot more original bases

  13. Hlo

  14. I'm here for the background music??

  15. العربي يطك لايك

  16. Hey Galadon. Maybe I can lower the pitch on your Leeroy Jenkins sound button.

  17. Loudeeer

  18. Hi

  19. old fashioned gowipe is gowipegigob

  20. Looks like the balance in the game is fine.

  21. its sort of like hay day with the derby they have

  22. Clan Games Get BIGGER and BETTER! Clash of Clans UPDATE!

  23. And in my opinion I thought the old clan games were good because the potions sell for 25 gems which is very free to play friendly gg supercell…

  24. 4th comment with your one million subs headass

  25. 3rd?

  26. 2nd

  27. 1st comment, not that it really matters…….