Clan War Finals: Sweden 1 Star vs. Glory China I

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  1. la verdad es que fuera impresionante.. que el juego deje retar al clan que tu quieras al momento de hacer guerra.. tomen en cuenta esta idea .. sigan asi. clash of clans es el mejor juego del mundo

  2. worst competition ever

  3. i love China

  4. круто я люблю clashofclash

  5. china is very well coc

  6. eai BR se inscreva no meu canal ai por favor quem puder deixar um like tabem agradeço


  8. top ???eu tbm jogo sou cv 6

  9. #UnBanWite

  10. lol the clapping sounded like falling

  11. ياريت اشارك معاهم كنت شقيتهم شق?????

  12. well u can buy gem here , its not clash of clans competition , its the just bunch of rich people sitting together and playing games lol , diffrent like dota or wow u cant buy anyshit from there so its a pure skill not money competition

  13. when s the next update

  14. Sabells español?

  15. وين كلان درع الجزيره يا بنات ايري

  16. ngakak

  17. هههه

  18. This has went too far…

  19. go china im chinese

  20. this is kinda really sad that there is a competition for clash of clans