Clan War Quarterfinal: China I vs. Logic Donators

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  1. اللعب قوي مره

  2. O torneio de clãs está chegando!!!

  3. Hey there, You Can Do It. letters base !!!

  4. genial !!
    alguien hable español

  5. الله يلعن ابوكم ليش منتم حطين العرب

  6. what is the name of the clan do yada soso nd all these great chinese members belong to…???

  7. Ебаааать раки ну как это возможно, они что спецом нубов набирают???

  8. after observing clash con , the number one factor to two star those wicked bases is spells and heroes, with high level hounds and golems, which cost an insane amount of dark elixir, that's damn near impossible to raid. in other words, Gem up on dark.

  9. how are you level 5 wizard and level 25 hero……………………… because this is fabricated bullsh*t.

  10. الصينين ما لهم حل يدعسون دعس

  11. Buenos ataques interesantes cuanto menos

  12. воттето рачьеее)))ебааа))))

  13. ロジドネーーー

  14. que divertida u hola xD :O que genialque cullos quiero

  15. unsubed because of The spamm of videos

  16. unsubed because of The spamm of videos

  17. wow..that's great.

  18. i honrstly thought it would be a rubbish event , but this turned out to be the best event so far thank you supercell i wish i was there

  19. os pastel de flango vaum sai pulando de tanta merda q vai da

  20. play hard na clash con