Clan warring with famous streamer the future of my channel

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  1. I'm playing clash royals but there is no way in hell that I will gem. My chest slots are full so guess what? I won't battle again till I have an open slot. I know they are money hungry and I love both clash but I refuse to fall into that money trap. And Daddy whatever you do don not quit on the videos. I for one want to keep seeing you succeed no matter the lows that pop up.

  2. Daddy is one of the good guys. Looking forward to watching the future of your channel!

  3. i stil like ur vids xD

  4. Just do what you like Daddy. Otherwise what is the point . Perhaps Clash was on the decline and the TH 11 update was the final thing that turned people off ,

  5. sorry to hear your upset. i feel your hurt. i have always loved your videos. hands stuff is natural and not overworked. I have always appreciated your honesty and there are not that many English speakers making worthwhile videos. abrasive American swearing is a little grating after a while. I hope you can enjoy it again. I personally have really enjoyed the update. I was too rushed to th8 and I have enjoyed consolidating and the new shield guard portion has really worked for me. enjoy your new things but do put out some coc videos every now and then. thanks again for your effort.

  6. I don't know about the rest, but I prefer your videos over any other CoC youtuber. I still watch all your videos, but I personally have also lost will to play CoC. I totally understand you're going to be focusing on other games and like that. Might even show some games I haven't heard of and this I will try them. :)

  7. Farming is very good! I am a townhall at 2100 trophies and loot is very good, i'm lot's of collector bases

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comments guys – it really means a lot :)

  9. hope sc sort things a bit for you m8 . I would appreciate some up to date farming training at say th7 or 8

  10. I don't know if you're using a DSLR for recording your clips, if you do, you should use a polarizer filter (which matches your lens) to make the reflections on the ipad screen disappear. The reflections are a little distracting.

  11. All the best in what you do daddy I'll still watch you're channel. I'm not playing clash like I did before the update and I would even download anything by supercell. Let's get your kids a great education.

  12. Hey daddy you keep up the good work on the videos. I know sometimes they don't get a bunch of views but if making videos is what you like doing then keep it up. I like the hand videos as well, i don't know why but I feel the it's more authentic and personable. It sucks about clash but but you know, that's how it is sometimes. I've been only boosting and collecting for the last week. Getting ready to delete the game but its kinda hard I've been clashing for so long and to turn my th9 into a collector base just makes me sick. I BARCHed for almost 2 years to get to my lvl,(114)but hey it's just a game. Keep up the good work I'll keep watching :)

  13. I've started to play wii u lol so yea play what u want brother they broke the game we all know it

  14. I will continue to watch as a fan of yours, but as many have already stated clash of clans isn't the game it was & sadly many barely play, like myself.

  15. don't quite clash of clans ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  16. I still like your videos. The thing is most people know how to farm by know while war attacks are still evolving. You should make more videos on This means war. Clash royale is fun, but the waiting for chests is horrible.

  17. I still like your content :)

  18. The commercial is about clash royale,forgot to mention that on my comment

  19. Btw. I don't know if it's true or not but I heard on reddit Super Cell spend 4 million dollars to run a commercial during the Super Bowl .

  20. Clash royale is a fun game , the only issue I have with it is the lack of gold bought a few gems to get more gold to upgrade some of my cards . But I'm doing ok on clash royale , found 6 free epic cards so far with out having to buy chests.

  21. Spell donation was the crucial update here Daddy. I haven't even cooked a freeze spell for farming or wars. Having a donated earthquake spell allows me to bring 3 earthquake spells and an extra rage or 2 haste spells in a gowilavaloons or 3 heal spels in a gowiwihogs war attack.

  22. the reason I stopped watching your videos a little while back(about Feb of 2015) was that I didn't really play clash much, it just kinda died for me, I got to TH9 with most of my stuff max and just couldn't be bothered with the grind anymore because all clans I found used people for donates, war and good looking roster to bring more people in to take from, and the game just began to bore me, it was just me, with no clans and as usual, a Global chat full of raging children so I stopped watching all of the clash youtubers, I bet if you want to make a comeback, Explore and find alot of Mobile games and get some other youtubers into them, alot of games have sprouted from people like you, CoC,Boom Beach, Fallout Shelter etc. Your content is still good, even made me chuckle a few times, Just that I'm only just trying CoC out again, after a year of not playing, so all of this is new to me, Town Hall 11, New hero, air towers, new leveled defenses, higher level walls, farming apparently being dead (even though I get 800k raids with Barch)and the new leagues. So it's a bit of a struggle. Happy new year btw hope the kids are doing great! ?

  23. I've always appreciated watching your videos regardless of the content. "Hands" videos are great every so often and remind the viewer that you're human and a gamer just like all of us, and not just another mainstream marketing machine. Frankly, I find most other YouTubers annoying by worshipping SC and not giving their honest opinion. Basically they don't want to bite the hand that feeds. I respect you more for being true to yourself and your followers.

  24. I'll be honest. I don't watch all you're videos, but every one that I do watch is fun and enjoyable. The bottom line is, you do you and forget everyone else:). Greetings from across the pond dude:)

  25. I'm glad you're still going to make videos Daddy – I was worried that with the destruction of Clash by Supercell you'd lose interest and I love watching your videos. I have a huge amount of respect for you being honest about this update unlike pretty much every other youtuber. Supercell got greedy and ruined the game. I am on the verge of quitting after getting 2b+ gold grab across my two accounts. I used to love the game but not anymore.

    P.S. Please make more videos on Pirate Plunder!

  26. You should try playing VainGlory

  27. Cash Royale lmao…

  28. I still enjoy your videos. I may not watch every one of them, but when I do, I always feel like I'm part of the clash community. (And I prefer the "hands" videos)

    With the situation that the game has become and the state of my clan, my interest has decreased for clash. It made me not want to play for a long time.

    Then I realized that I need to get back to playing the game for my own reasons. Like when I first started. Since then I have been having fun and am back to progressing.

    I feel like you have always played for your self first. Thats what makes you different and genuine. I watch your videos because I want to watch you play clash, not necessarily because its about clash.

    Keep up the good work.

  29. Views are down on all of the clash youtubers because the game is no longer in its prime like it was in 2014 and early 2015