Clan Wars LIVE! – Meet Worlds no.1 CLASHER !! (2 of 3)

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  1. i love ur vids soooooo much! ur such a good clasher and utuber in general. (lol that spelling tho) I love your intro too! I wish i could figure out how to make one, ive been working on it, no luck. 🙁 What do u use to record ur screen? Ur awesome Love ya! (no homo)

  2. We use for our chats. I am part of the Centum Family

  3. Really nice post there spencer !!! =) Love the the end it is cool to have the top player taking time for the community…

  4. Great vid Spencer! :D

  5. We use Groupme and ClashCaller. Only for wars though
    Good luck getting back to the top Eva!


  7. i see trouble coming your way spencer after Sarah watched this video….cat fight :)

  8. Spencer pls have a face reveal episode…SEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!

  9. That was awesome to hear her voice at the end!!! What an accomplishment to reach #1 in the world! Gratz to Eva!!!

  10. I always thought the Peter in your clan is the great Peter17$!
    Oh man, I feel so stupid now… ???

  11. Whats The song in the intro

  12. My clan uses an app called band to keep in touch 

  13. What clan could I possibly get into… Town hall 9, level 109, max troops except valks(which are coming) lvl 20 king, lvl 12 queen level mostly lvl 8 walls

  14. "Let's probe her" lmao

  15. Spencer! When are you going to do that face reveal you talked about on Twitter?

  16. We use groupme, btw this is "sam" I was there with u in LP I pushed my ass off with u guys for a 2 weeks only got to 4159 then gave up too many clouds! Thx for the 200 golems you guys donated to my push 

  17. great video spencer can you do a interview with the people who used GoLaLoon? i mean it's not right to assume that they're using cheats for this attack without acually hearing their side of the story

  18. Fraud, someone plays for her, that wasn't her Attack…

  19. Who won the war??

  20. The GroupMe app is what the Reddit Clan System uses, I don't know the limit for each group but I know it is at least 50