CLAN WARS – Loot system & Clan castle lvl 6 (UPDATED)

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  1. This is what Call of Duty should do, not the clan war part but listening to
    their fans to see what they want

  2. So clan members can donate recourses ? ?

  3. taped the cam on your mouth xD?

  4. 5:16 Justin Bieber joined the clan

  5. Guys what about if I attacked and got 500,000 loot and get kicked out from
    the clan who gets the loot ?
    Please answer.

  6. Ir’s going to be so annoying to keep switching your base from farming to
    trophy push and back.

  7. i think i will understand when i get to play it

  8. Do all clan members participate? Or is it the top 10 members in the clan
    that participate in the clan wars?

  9. this helped

  10. But how do I spend the loot

  11. So clan wars is just a way to get free loot? YEEEaaaaahh

  12. Did anybody notice that he is level 300?

  13. When is the update coming out?

  14. Has it even came out?

  15. THE UPTADE IS COMING OUT ON APRIL 9.stop asking and read the description 

  16. FINALLY! I’m a th9 n cc is so expensive! Now that they reduced lvl 5 cost I
    can get it!

  17. Does everyone get the loot bonus or just those that attack?

  18. How do you get that much gems

  19. Cups *


  20. Every time a raid I don’t get the money in clan wars

  21. Lvl 300 ?

  22. how you play it and this is not come

  23. When is the update coming out

  24. Does it randomly find a clan or can we find our own? >:)