Clan Wars v’s World Number 1 clan LIVE! Part 1 of 3

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  1. who won this war??

  2. 20,000 subs :)

  3. Spencer23$ are u peter17$ (tell me the truth) (im just askin)

  4. 17,000th subscriber 😀 i love your videos 

  5. Q&A: Could you do a facecam video? 

  6. Q&A :- how did you actually meat up with Lost Phoenix?

  7. Still waiting for part 2 spence :(

  8. Nice vid!!! Personally, for your first raid, I will have swapped your last jump spell for either another rage or freeze. That will have definitely gotten you your 2nd stars in my opinion. 3rd jump is not useful unless you have maxed heroes or pekkas in your raid and you can use them to jump out for that extra percent.

    Unfortunately, main force (especially smaller troops like wizards, witches or giants) generally will die in the core due to heavy firepower from inferno, xbows and giant bombs most of the times. Cheers!!!

  9. You are Peter17$

  10. Is the SEND EVERYONE the same pre recorded one? Or it is live recorded every time?

  11. Shit I'm more excited about this war than my own …

  12. Wow, Spidey finally made it to champs. Grats Spidey

  13. Awesome video

  14. Hey spencer do you know which LP clan I can join? (I am th8)

  15. hope you win. after the next 2 vids can you share some tips to winning a war

  16. How much more time for the new video??

  17. There's lp clans for townhall 8 right? :p (btw the level 7 wizard and level 9 wizard tower thread got 3k views.)

  18. +Spencer23$ – Clash Of Clans How is Gallydon doing? Can you show us his attacks as well, pleeaaase?!?

  19. +Spencer23$ – Clash Of Clans I absolutly love it, when you show us LP CWs in Detail, like here! Please, can you do that more often?