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  1. You have 2 coc account on same device??

  2. Lol, this happened to me during war, glad we didn't lose by a star, i would have been furious.

  3. I've been having this problem where when I go to attack in war and it does that troop verification screen half or more of my troops are missing even though I was sure they were trained. Then I "return home" and check the army camps and they are full. Then I go back to attack and this time when the troop verification comes up, the troops are there. I have no idea why it does this, but it would be convinient if they fixed it. Also, my clanmates and I have also been having the game crashing problem.

  4. It happened to me too…. It was caused "I THINK" by too many Friendly Challenges

  5. Mine has been glitching too

  6. Crash should be fixed ?

  7. Crash of Clans!

  8. just last war we watched one of my clan mates 3 star a base that wasn't hit yet and it gave him 2 star 85% but when you watch replay it's 100% 3 star

  9. I've been using goblin knife while my royals upgrade so I haven't done a single friendly challenge. don't plan on doing it much lol

  10. Okay so first thing you covered. with 3 starring and not having anything else to attack and only getting 2 star. same thing happened in my clan. my teslas never popped and it only happened when we had 3 or more spectators. lagging out was another issue we kept getting. and yes challenges is crack. my entire clan chat is nothing but replays haha. practice makes perfect aye. th9 and I'm practicing getting that high 2 star on th10s and just getting the 50% on th11s. been working great. yes indeed it is much like crack haha and everyone got that message and had to take a personal break. but we all got on group me and we're design bases for today. pretty cool update best in a long time. and no way to ever copy a base. which is great for modders. bunch of no good haters that suck at the game and to make their self feel good they mod. smh. although modders still arnt as good as us who learned how to strategies are attacks.

  11. clash sucks coc

  12. Pb, i recomend you to change the 3 black star on your shield logo into the white one, cz u know, that stars smell so delicious to us dark star eater lol :v

  13. Same happens on my clan dude, wtf on this actualization…

  14. Hey PowerbAng, wassup !!! I have been watching your videos from quite sometime, Just wanted to appreciate your work. You try to make us understand how to read the base, perfect Queen walk and more. Trust me !! we are learning well.
    My concern is why so less subscribed members. Find some ways bro. All d best. Looking forward for more exciting vids. Hoha !!! Keep Clashing.

  15. PB this war glitch happened to me too , I attacked someone and 3 stared but my clan mates when they were watching saw I got 92% 2 star and the base shows I 3 stared it yet when I click replay it says 92% 2 star and half of the actions in the raid I didn't do , it's strange

  16. Why do u have 2 clash of clan apps?

  17. 2 teslas didn't pop during that first attack.

  18. Lolz – "yep, there it goes…"  Nice vid bro.

  19. We had that bug as well. so fucking stupid

  20. LMAO PB!!! best video yet! "that sums up where clash is"

  21. Hahaha

  22. Why do you have 2 clash of clans

  23. Get off of friendly challenge you zombie! Lol, take a break and get some sleep in

  24. 5:58 PB in depression


  26. Lol

  27. how does he have two coc apps?

  28. who else loves getting their bases locked for one day for moving a building one space

  29. Powerbang they still didnt ban modders, cuz im a modder and nothing happened

  30. hey powerbang, what about the preparation day, do you think we really need 23 hours to fill clan castle ,why did they prevent us from scouting war bases, they could have make it just like this: we can use in friendly challenge bases that are older than 2 days

  31. I haven't enjoyed the Friendly Challenge, maybe because i belong to a sleepy clan. When I issue a challenge it lasts from seconds to minutes. I tried attacking myself, one account to another. By the time I log on to the second device the challenge is gone.

  32. Lol

  33. Got to admit friendly challenge is like crack, good feature.

  34. bizarre war.. 3* for the good guys !!

  35. Something similar happened to my clan. He got 100% and it ended but it only shows 2 stars and 93% on the war page :/ hope this is fixed.

  36. lmao y'all are hypocrites…talking about how modding isn't fun but the friendly challenge is "crack"…now you know why we loved modding

  37. The new anti 3 base meta

  38. HAHAHAHAHA I LOL'D numerous times during this video. The last crash made the eyes water. Good stuff as always Boss. Yours truely, DMML

  39. This episode was gold ?

  40. lmao nice ending. know your pain. love your vids bro but you look tired as hell. get some sleep man, we can wait a few hours for a vid :p

  41. Hahahahaha… our clans is the same…. all chat is challenges…. is like kids with a new toy

  42. That's funny stuff right there…

  43. best ending ever! :)) though am not happy about the war results 🙁 it fcked you right in the face lol