Clash of Clan Crystal Warrior vs One Hive Pt 1 Clan Wars

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  1. Is your clan fair play?

  2. I love watchin ur videos but stop sayin anti 3 star bases clearly they're not lol I know what u mean tho but still these guys make random bases putting defenses weirdly but it's sometimes less beneficial like his all wiz towers in one spot n one golem with queen will kill all 3 4 wiz towers and such anyway good one

  3. How about a clanless attack, my friend ?
    Ps. I dont want to join a clan. Almost maxed th 8. 

  4. Hi were the attacks by joeblow and Arthur first attacks?

  5. As a piece of criticism, it would look better if you zoomed in during attacks where the action is happening and then zoom all the way out when the clean up is under way.
    I keep trying to squint and zoom in to see the meat of the attack since I feel like I'm missing what's happening exactly.

  6. +Clash With Keav Just call me DkkY, used to be cheapskate. simple 🙂 thanks for putting up our attacks! Love your Channel!

  7. Thanks for sharing!

  8. thank for this video 🙂 and congrats for 1000 suscribers !! :D

  9. Feel free to show the bases we 3'd too man :/

  10. Nice vid this is a real exciting one

  11. Awesome. Thanks for doing this.

  12. i saw your base in cyristal warrior and so i thought you were recording war and i was right. onehive vs cyristal warrior very exciting :()

  13. Didn't Joeblow use to be in OH?